SPECIAL NOTICE: US Shipping notices and shipping suspensions:  Notices @ USPS Post Office  

PAYMENT: If you can not call us to give payment information for items not listed on our store, order a catalog.  This enables us to get your payment information.  Normally we will run a charge for $10 US through the store and deduct that from the invoice for products that you order.

Books & Automotive Parts:  Please contact us via telephone or email so that we may ship your items to you.  We are unable to estimate shipping online due to many varying factors such as weight limits and value limits.   Also, we will need you to provide your credit card number when your order is placed.  We ship all international parts orders via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Shipping.

All prices quoted are in US Dollars

Due to the additional customs paperwork, we must add a $10.00 documentation charge to all orders. This fee is per carton, since each package must have its own customs form. This charge will be added to your invoice and identified as a "Document Fee" on your invoice.

We can take your parts order and ship them to other countries.  At this time we can not take an online payment (but we are working on it).   You can call our office, fax us, or email an order however it will not be processed until we have credit card information.  We are sorry but shipping can not be quoted up front.  When your order is pulled and packed we have a better idea of shipping costs and can advise you then.  All international shipments have weight restraints as well as dollar values on insurance which we must take into consideration when packing your order.  Please keep in mind that it may take up 30 days for the order to be delivered due to customs.

To place your order:

Telephone:  00 1 513 724 9487

sales AT vanpeltsales.com (if you are including your credit card information break it up into 3 emails for security purposes)

What we need you to provide:

Year/Make/Model of vehicle you are ordering parts for
Items you want to order (with part numbers) & quantities
Your name & address
Your telephone number for customs form
Your email so we can contact you and send tracking info
CC number in full with expiration, security code, and name on card
CC billing address if different than shipping address

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